Franchisee Opportunities in India

Website industry is constantly growing across the world, but in a country as large and varied as Tamil Nadu, the growth is only magnified. The growth in small cities is something that cannot be ignored

FineKey IT Solutions - is a leader in web design & development, Software development, Mobile App development, and related online business solutions. We had experienced rapid growth through the delivery of high value online solutions and outstanding customer service

FineKey IT Solutions - is set to help at least a million organizations in Tamil Nadu to get on the web and get found online with moderate sites. Tamil Nadu as a state is to a great degree immense and fluctuated. We understand that achieving the remote corners of Tamil Nadu is intense. Additionally, that in each district individuals like to work with nearby agents. In view of that, we chose to make an established opportunity that can help to attain two targets

A) Empower new entrepreneurs with another plan of action that energizes business

B) Give a neighbourhood business proprietor the solace of working with a nearby individual he knows and can trust

This is the manner by which our Franchise Opportunities have come up and we are eager to contact more up to date locales with the same

FineKey IT Solutions - is on a mission to help at least a million businesses in Tamil Nadu to get online and get discovered online with affordable websites. Tamil Nadu as a state is extremely vast and varied. Our culture, language preferences, timelines, etiquettes everything changes every 200 kilometres we travel. We realize that reaching the remote corners of the state is tough also that in every region people prefer to work with local representatives. With that in mind, we decided to create a franchise opportunity that can help achieve 2 objectives.

Roles of a FineKey IT Solutions Franchisee

  • Focus on expanding the FineKey IT Solutions network and clientele
  • Must be business savvy with the ability to market
  • Should adhere to our processes and quality systems
  • Provide and sell packages / services from the existing FineKey IT Solutions product
  • Marketing & networking to enhance FineKey IT Solutions franchised business presence in the market place
  • Manage the operation of the FineKey IT Solutions franchisee
  • Maintain accounting and financial information
  • Communicate regularly with FineKey IT Solutions franchisee support delivery team

Support We Offer to Franchisees

Primary Support

  • FineKey IT Solutions offer Extensive Training support for all its new franchise
  • Training about our product
  • Sales and Marketing training
  • Technical training about our product

Constant Support

  • Telemarketing Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Domestic and National Advertising
  • Complete Technical Support
  • Mentorship
  • Support for recruitment
  • Operating plan

Primary Investment

FineKey IT Solutions- franchisee can start in as little as 2 weeks, with an office space and a sales team: - focused on selling website and our other online solution packages to local businesses.

The Requirements for a FineKey IT Solutions franchisee are not many :

  • An office space of enough with up to 300sqft
  • Can be fused with your existing business
  • A basic work force
  • Sales Executive

The advantages of the FineKey IT Solutions Franchisee system

The Website business isn’t just about sales, but is also a business that revolves around renewals.

When you sign up a customer today by selling him a website says at Rs. 10,000/- The customer pays an annual service fee for domain renewal and regular maintenance. As a franchisee you would get a commission from the renewal fee as well, although your effort in collecting this payment is minimal as our centralized billing department directly collects payments.

Likewise, when you sign up a customer today by selling him a other IT services such as Software development, Mobile App development says at initially Rs. 20,000/- The customer pays an annual maintenance cost (AMC) starts from 10% for regular maintenance.

If in the first year of operations, by employing a team of 1 people if you sell 150 websites, in the second year of operation you would earn an additional passive income from renewals of first year website without investing any additional effort. This income would increase every year as more and more customer sign up.

A large number of websites are redesigned every 3-4 years. So if you sign up a customer, after 3-4 years when he asks for a redesign, it is additional sales for you without any additional effort provided you have built a strong relationship with him.

Our product and services:

As a Franchise you would derive a greater incentive than a direct employee as you would be playing a direct stake in the already expanded business through marketing its products and services, they are:

  • Website Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Web Portal Development
  • Web Applications
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Designs
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising